Gastrolux Cookware

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All Gastrolux cookware comes with a 20 year limited warranty against manufactures defects.  Products that have not been kept clean, misused, or damaged will not be covered under warranty. 

The warranty is in two parts.

Part One - Years 1 - 5 are covered under against all defects from the date of purchase.  This applies to all products purchased from authorized resellers only.  Products purchased from non resellers will not be replaced under the terms of the warranty.  Any products not maintained accordingly, kept clean, stored properly, and are not excessively marked, may be replaced according to the manufactures warranty.  A minimum charge may apply.

Part Two - Years 6-20 are covered under the residual warranty.  Products may be replaced at a cost of 1/20th of the current cost for each year that the product has been owned.   As an example, if your product is 8 years old, the cost will be 8/20ths of the current cost, plus shipping and taxes once the original product is returned and inspected.

Gastrolux and all resellers have the discretion to refuse warranty if the product is not well maintained.  For information on obtaining a warranty claim, please contact your reseller or Topline Accessories directly.